People have been asking me about this ….saying of mine, InkandThink, asking why it isn’t the other way around.

Whenever you plan to rearrange your room, closet, desk, etc. you typically have to clean it first, or in the least move things out of the way, maybe even remove the items out of the current room it occupies in order to have some space to move.

Once your pathway is clear, you can make the arrangements.

My mind, and I’m sure several others, work the same way. We are often loaded down with junk at the front of our mind and it prevents us from ever reaching our full potential.

I write down whatever nonsense that refuses to evacuate my mind in a journal and on here, so I can start planning and thinking about where I want/need my characters and poems to go.

When I met the poet, Shihan, he signed my poetry book, Ink + Think, and I fell in love with the saying and interpreted the..saying to such a way. It follows me wherever I write now.


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