Quote of the Night

“I’ve never seen you move that fast.”

I usually take pride in slowly revealing myself, my talents, etc., but this quote made me stop and think.
The person that made this statement is a high school friend of mine. She and the other HS friends were so surprised to see me “bust some moves” tonight.
As I said I love to surprise people like this, but, how little do the people I call friends know about me?
For years people always assumed I had sex well before I even had my first kiss, and I’ve adopted the saying “if you don’t ask, I won’t tell” mantra so I never corrected them.
At my birthday party last year a friend asked my girlfriend what the D in my name, DJ means. He’s been a friend for about 2 years by that point.
I hide so much from everyone, intentionally or not, it’s a wonder I even call these people friends or family.
With my…ex…(the news of that alone is not very known on my end) it takes me tons of alcohol to get me to say I loved her and really feel/know that I do. Where as when I’m sober I’m not sure if I’m just saying it to be nice or what.
I wrote a long nonfiction paper detailing some events of my elementary years in order to figure out where this…habit came from.
I intend to edit and expand upon it once my fiction novel is done. While writing poetry, of course.
I shall stop rambling because I’m almost at my car.
Take care and thanks for reading.

P.S. I’ve only a few drinks in me, practically sober here.


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