May as well Blog about it

Well it is now the very end of 2011, happy and sad moments have come and gone and we have all, obviously, made it through, or are making it through.

I’ve already made these…resolutions, for lack of better word, by the time NaNoWriMo was about to kick off, but like the title says, I may as well mention them here:


1) Germany/Europe
2) Finish and Publish Fairfield
3) Relearn Bass


#1 Is all about moving, a change of scenery will do me wonders on all fronts and as far as I know, I’m very nearly close to reaching it.

#2 is self-explanatory, so far the title is still Fairfield, but there shouldn’t be any worries about that because it’ll obviously change.

#3 is definitely long term as opposed to within 2012, I plan the ..ground work for that may start around Fall or Winter (when I plan to try and send out manuscripts of Fairfield).

I will also add a #4, which I already discussed in this blog entry.

#5 will be regarding my nonfiction project. Again, like #3 I suspect the foundation will occur late in 2012 and I should be working on it more in 2013. I actually do have a decent amount of that done due to a class, however my mind is currently set on Fairfield and random poems.

Well that’s what I’ve been thinking about, mostly, since October and I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. I might end up making a drunk blog tonight hahaha


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