The Roots

My absolute favorite hip hop band, ever. They have about 10 studio albums, a live album, a greatest hits collection and 2 collaboration albums, one with John Legend and another with Betty Wright, to their names and have always stayed consistent.

They originally got together around 1987 and released Organix! in 1993. Their latest album, Undun, came out just December 2, a couple of weeks ago.

I have made bold statements in the past, mostly for reactions, stating that if you don’t like The Roots, you aren’t a fan of hip hop.

Some of the most common responses is, they are more than just hip hop, as this song will state.

The Seed 2.0 (Phrenology album)

The reason I did not mention who is who before, is to establish another point. The Roots is a collection of people, it’s not about who’s the main MC (Black Thought) or who is the guy with  the afro I’ve seen on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show (?uestlove, pronounced Questlove), The Roots have managed to stay relatively the same people for decades due to understanding that not one of them is bigger than the group/band.

You have seen these guys and their influence touch on hip hop and other genre’s for years now, they did Jay-Z’s unplugged album they, as mentioned earlier, play on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show, they have been everywhere and still find the time to create great albums.

I have decided to highlight music artists bi-monthly, occasionally posting a song or two that I really like as the weeks progress.


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