The Little Things

Very creative title, huh?

This has most certainly not been the first time I realized how easily entertained and how appreciative I am of every little thing I see/receive, however I did get reminded of it today.

As I left my car walking to a bookstore to do some writing before my class (I teach English) tonight, I hear a familiar tune bumping down the lot on my right side, the car approaches and I recognized a voice I haven’t listened to since High School, 2pac. The song? Ambitionz Az a Ridah.

For those unfamiliar with the song:

As the car approached I was nodding my head, and it so happened that I was walking by a stop sign, the driver fulfilled the description of Weird Al’s song, White & Nerdy, but bigger. I stopped there and danced next to the car (I tend to do this quite often), and what caught me off guard was, the driver parked his car right there, a line drawing behind him, and danced with me.

Now that’s entertainment, it’s always fun to stop what you’re doing and dance next to someone’s car when you recognize the song they’re playing, but for the driver to join in is rare with me.

Have a good day, readers. No matter what happens try to find something to enjoy.


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