Are They Really Just Here for a Season?

It’s very interesting how people come into your life then goes…then some how comes back.

I was just hanging with someone I’d call an associate, I knew him due to constantly visiting this comic book store where he worked, while I was still in school. That last year and a half I only found out his name by asking the other employees there, and he by checking my debit cards when I would buy the books.

I graduated, he left the state, occasionally coming back here but it wasn’t until we saw each other randomly downtown on NYE.

I was just in uptown with him and a friend of his telling stories and exchanging numbers.

Not really sure where I’m going with this, I guess the beer and rum made me want to just think about the past 2 years and try to figure out where I’m heading since this 1 interview is looking less and less likely to happen.


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