While looking through the WordPress site

I realized I should add more categories to my blog. This is one of many attempts I will make to increase traffic to my site, here.

One of the categories will be to cover my favorite sport, Soccer or Football.

I will go into more details next time, but for now, be content in knowing that televised European matches (games) have become more and more prominent and the USA/Canadian league, Major League Soccer, is constantly growing, adding another new team (Montreal Impact) to the league making it 19 ready to compete for honor and to continue the growth.

I will also skim over my favorite teams, their history and certain favorite players as well as give my readers a good idea things such as the international competitions such as the World Cup, here’s a  hint, there is more than just that one tournament occurring every four years.

I might confine myself to doing a weekly update like with my Music posts, I’m not sure yet, I get too excited about talking about my favorite things it’s hard to not just say “damn the rules” and go with it when I feel like it.


So far I’ll aim for Wednesdays.


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