In light of today’s events in the soccer/football world

I might go head and make 2 blogs on Wednesday, one regarding a different set of rules and another to explain my team and why today’s game was so amazing.


In other news, I’ve been realizing that two of my characters unintentionally follow a situation I sort of found myself in. How very very odd, especially regarding when I originally created them. It was the year this stuff occurred (2009, right before graduation) yet even odder was that the situation wasn’t there for another month or so.

I can’t/don’t want to explain it due to it being spoilerirific, so, sorry for the vagueness.


P.S. Rock climbing is fun, I found a great job opportunity in France and Poland, personally I want Poland. France is nice, around Paris, but it’s 2.5 months, Poland would be a bit more permanent, and not to mention I’ll be in the general area to experience the Euro 2012 Championships (and now I brought this blog full circle to soccer/football 🙂 )


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