Story so far…

After about a year of teaching English, I found that my options have opened up, if I felt like taking advantage, which I will, all I merely have to do is pin a map to a wall and throw a knife or dart at it.


However, I am up for suggestions on what country or countries I should apply to, regarding teaching.

My preference is Germany, however, I’ve seen 3 jobs that just scream “me”:


Poland, for at least a year.

Madrid for the next school year (starting August 2012) and

Just outside of Paris for about 2.5 months

I have put them in order of most appealing.



I’ll obviously keep looking for any other/better options and keep you updated.


In the mean time, I’m finding it extremely difficult to get a basic grasp of the #10 Downing Street layout, I expected it’d happen but WOW.


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