Brek Shea, that good ol Texan spirit

This is a special post, mostly because I didn’t plan on posting about up-and-comers this soon (I intended on talking about managers and past/current stars more).


But this guy, this guy here!

My home club, is FC Dallas, and we picked him up in 2008, his only professional club so far. Under the former US Men’s National Team’s (I’ll say USA or USMNT for short) manager (coach), Bob Bradley, he had 3 caps,  cap means appearance/games played.

Once Jürgen Klinsmann (I’ll highlight this magnificent man later) was named the US’s manager, he [re]called tons of Major League Soccer players (remember, the MLS is USA/Canada’s league) to play in several USA matches, and has been playing in all 8 or so matches for the country.

Why was he called up? He has been a pretty decent signing for FC Dallas, however last season, 2011, he stepped up beyond what was expected of him.

The 2010 MVP of the season, David Ferreira, also of FC Dallas, suffered a season ending injury in April 2011, and instead of panicking, FC Dallas, moved Brek Shea to left wing and watched the goals add up.


Because of this performance, and for knowing the potential he has, Brek Shea was called by the current manager to show the rest of the world what he’s made of. In his first match, versus Mexico, he came off the bench and thanks to Juan Agudelo, he created an assist with Rodgers scoring to make it a 1-1 draw.

I bring this up, for 2 reasons:

1) In Dallas, the U23 (under-age 23) USA team is playing U23 Mexico in an Olympics qualifier, which would have Brek Shea in the line-up, he was playing with them against FC Dallas in a pre-season friendly (friendlies mean exhibition match, it’s all about growth and trying out tactics), but due to an unexpected list of injuries and sickness (the captain Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey who really shined in the friendlies that Donovan could not make under the current manager are the biggest hits) and so Klinsmann recalled him to play in the friendly against Italy!

2) The international friendlies are TODAY!

Republic of Ireland, captained by Robbie Keane who recently joined LA Galaxy vs Czech Republic which has Cech, the Chelsea (of England) goal keeper.

Germany vs France should be an exciting match. 1:45 central

Poland vs Portugal 1:45 central

A very emotional match for Wales as they take on Costa Rica (former Welsh manager died, and this is the first match since) 1:45 central

Italy vs USA 1:50pm central

England vs Netherlands 2pm central


These may be just friendlies, but they always mean something! As I mentioned, testing out players and tactics is the main part of this, for the Europeans, especially, it’s vital they figure out what works in time for the summer.


Anyone interested but don’t have the proper channels on TV, Fox Soccer Channel and ESPN, then watch from here.


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