A Year of Teaching English

During my first year of teaching, I have come across numerous people from numerous countries: East Asia and South America mostly, and for those who start class with very little-to no knowledge of the language at all, it’s very rewarding when they start to understand things.

One thing I’ve managed to do, is teach English through football/soccer, I would have never guessed that the sport would have, not only made me so worldly, but help me communicate things to my students a lot easier than perhaps the “traditional” schools.

This brings me to the point I’m trying to make through my other posts, this is a world-wide sport, THE world’s game, some would say, this game has more to it than other Americans want to admit (or in the least, are able to realize).

To a Colombian, the sport means something different to him compared to a Greek (I’ve had a student of each nationality). I am somehow able to have a decent knowledge of their native leagues as well as an extensive knowledge of the big leagues in Europe (England, Germany, Spain, etc).

I have lost count with how many terms, expressions, etc., I’ve explained through football. For instance, words like “job, wall, across” and when I try to explain nationality, football is the easiest example to use. For those who watch it regularly, you’ll look at the different team line-ups and think “oh Nani from Portugal, Rooney from England, Valencia from Ecuador, Giggs from Wales,” etc. It’s just ingrained in you after enough time watching and listening.

It’s simply amazing, granted, not everyone is going to be into the sport as I or some of these students have been, so far I’ve only come across males who’re interested.


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