Jobs are weird

I never understood the point of writing cover letters. I have a friend on Facebook who said this:

I’ve grown to loathe writing cover letters. I’m not sure if its because of the number I’ve written over the years for a job application that have gone without a response, or it’s because of the number of responses I’ve received that show whoever is doing the interview never looked at the cover letter.

It’s a really good point, I can’t imagine how many different companies in the last 2 months I’ve written to regarding teaching abroad, and yet, nothing. I’ve sent follow up emails to one or two of them, I’m tempted to send another CV to them.


On the other hand, I sent a CV around 8:30 this morning and came home to see a response by 10:35am. WHY IS THIS THE ONLY RESPONSE I’VE GOTTEN?!


Well, the Ukraine seems to be a most likely place to live šŸ™‚




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