There have been several changes this past week

I’m in Toronto right now, wondering for the 4th time how to approach this blog.

What I thought was a lost cause, may not be out of my reach anymore, on the other hand, I was going to do something big, very…not me(?) to truly finish my time in the States, but it backfired at least 4 different times.

It really seems like somethings aren’t going to go like I thought they should, very strange….

Moving on, I’m finally writing in this blog again, found out PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) has a game available on my phone so I’ve all but abandoned my PSP (oops!)

I’m pretty excited, and nervous and idk, this moving away thing still hasn’t really hit me like people have been expecting it to.

I have an idea for a new “section” of my blog, something like travel writing. I’ll go back to my usual Tuesday/Wednesday schedule FINALLY, thinking I’ll stick to national teams for the month summer (given the special occasion this year!!!)

I have checked out tickets and there’re some for Netherlands vs Germany, possibly the biggest match of the group stage (with England vs France a week later)


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