A Taste of Kiev (Kyiv)

Well I’ve decided not to wait another month before I got started on this section of my blog.

This entry will show small parts of Kiev, Ukraine, that I’ve managed to discover during my short almost 2 week stay.

Upon exiting the underground in Kiev I got a little lost and eventually found an exit to the outside world. To my surprise, the first thing I saw while ascending the stairs was a giant pillar welcoming me to Крещатик (Khreschatik) station was this beauty.

The entrance to the station is at the right of this picture.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are gates here. It’s because of the special event I mentioned several times already, the Euro 2012. I’ll make them small so not to drag this post out longer than it should.

                                     (These were taken about 9 days before it started.)

(June 8th, Opening Day)

You get the idea, but this wasn’t even my favorite part of Kiev!

Here’s a small preview of what I’ll show next month.

Маріїнський парк (Mariinsky Park)!

Thank you for checking out this preview, next month I will show more of Keiv!!


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