Breaking Chains in Kiev

For those who missed my appetizing entry last month about Kiev, enjoy!

Now, it’s time to pick up where I left off with Kiev, Ukraine.

We shall go to my favorite place, Маріїнський парк (Mariinsky Park)!

I found this beautiful place completely by accident. I hopped on the metro to the Арсенальна (Arsenalna) station without any plans and just walked.

Just like with the previous post, I shall make the next few pictures smaller, there are a lot of pictures I want to show.

This is one of the many views the park contains.

Another accidental find, Динамо Київ, Dynamo Kiev.

One side of the bridge with the locks on it from the previous post.

My final time in Kiev has me following the idea of a plan. I wanted to visit the World World II museum, but just like me, it took a lot longer to get to the place than to actually be there.

Naturally, I had to find out what else was over here.

Finally, I find the WWII museum and was greeted by this lady.

and these guys

Next month I shall upload pictures from London, I am going there in a couple of days and it coincides with the Olympics!


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