My apologies, busy week

Well, it is time to give a small taste of another location I traveled to.

Today I shall show a little bit of my time in London, and it coincided with the Olympics!



Several statues all over the city were decorated with a hat and/or British flag to celebrate the Olympics.

I decided, during day 2, to rent a Barclay’s bicycle and just had too much fun riding everywhere that I could. Here is a quick snap of King’s Cross Station.

A hotel in front of Russell Square, and, why not, a small video of me bike riding down a small area (excuse the heavy breathing, phlegm all week made it a bit difficult to breath).

(Ignore my ramblings too, haha)


These guys walked around Soho (this pic was taken near the Odeon theater in Leicester Square) singing and chanting with that cart traveling being them.


I shall return later with a compare/contrast type blog showing the differences between my first and second visit.




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