150 (again) = Short Story Time!

Well I have hit 150 again, I decided to mark the occasion with a short story that will be in my 2nd book! It’s 500 words (I will edit it later, assuming it needs any editing)!

Tickled Senses

“…and so she told him: ‘Look, Carlos, you can’t keep coming around here, you’re making Stephany uncomfortable. She thinks you’re sweet and everything, but you keep pushing this on her. She needs to think about everything.’ And he lowered his head looking sad, bless him. He means well but he doesn’t know how to court,” the lady in the gray dress suit elaborates to a woman dressed in pink, sitting at the small round table across from her.

“Oh, that poor boy. It’s most likely because no one was around to teach him how to approach girls. What happened to his father? Drunk driver killed him, right?”

“Yes and his brothers…”

“…sir? Your hot chocolate is ready.”

“Ah, thank you. Here you are,” he stands up and walks out of the small shop into the open, cold air.

The joyous mood this season is known to channel is very infectious. While venturing down the crowded street, the man dressed in a black business coat with a red and gold scarf and black skull cap, soaks in the atmosphere, sips his beverage and daydreams humming familiar tunes to himself with a smile.

“No, damnit, that’s what this custody bullshit is exactly about! I love Shaun and she wants to change the conditions of our visits and…”

The man stumbles into a private, yet boisterous phone conversation between a man dressed in a similar coat with a black scarf. The man watches the father for another few seconds before he notices different designs and symbols decorated on the sides of the buildings that formerly created a gloomy shadow on the city streets. Surveying the landscape, he smiles and realizes that the season has officially started.

“No!” Another shout, this one from across the street, snatches the man out of his stupor. “No he’s not getting Shaun! Now he wants to be a father to the boy? Now Steve wants to…”

Her shouting halts abruptly as she looks towards the man who shies away from eye contact, guilty of eavesdropping on her conversation. He almost runs into the previous man, who stood directly behind him, holding his phone to his ear.

“Hang on, one second,” he addresses the listener on his phone. “Gloria, please, I tried to be a good father I just always-” he progresses to the curb of the sidewalk as Gloria expresses a livid feature on her face.

“Good father my ass!” A crowd is naturally drawn to the row, now, and the man feels ashamed of himself and of the flock around him.

To be attracted to such a thing, why is this so?

“You were never there for him, never. Always working at the office, how do you think he felt when you missed his game last week?”

“Gloria! You know the situation. The divorce left me with nothing and I had to pick up another job just to…”

“I don’t want any excuses! Shaun needs a father not…”

The man turns around, forcing his way through the crowd, shaking his head.


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