All the Pieces Matter

These wise words from Lestor Freeman has been ringing in my head for years now (I LOVE The Wire).

I decided to link my novella with my novel.

So, first I want to say that this idea wasn’t new to me, I considered it before when I realized it’s going to be bigger than a short story. I wondered if I should set it in the nice city of Fairfield (speaking of, I’ll post a novel excerpt soon) or not, I used certain street names and such as a place holder, then realized that…it really should just be in the same universe.

But, then I did a mental check of my other short stories, Grimmauld and others I’ve yet to post on here, and realized that…..they all have a small connection with my novel!

After I realized this, more ideas for characters, as well as new aspects or whatever for current characters sprung to mind. It was like when I got to the point that my current novella was no longer a short story, I discovered more and more things, instead of merely writing it.

I started my novel in 2007, picked up writing classes in 2009 (where my short story and nonfiction writing really took off) and now that I think about it…they ALL had a slight connection to each other. AMAZING.

Love it when the pieces come together.


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