Made it Out

They claimed that it was destiny, going coast-to-coast

but how can they claim that it’s “ours” when in fact most

of the labor still cannot even engross

a decent-sized commission? And still they toast

to the genocidal mission and a misguided dream

which, to the world over, this all seems

like a sweet deal. It’s quite easy to believe

that if we kneel, we’d easily achieve

a warm meal; we’re living the Great American Scheme.


It’s time to get off our computers and rock

the complacent boat and send a shock-

wave to the folks who forgot

that platform of hope, man this has got

to be a joke, they need to stop

taking our votes this is not

what we’ve been told

in that preamble draft

that those forefathers had crafted;

your fathers not mine, I’m a bastard.


It’s amazing how they’ve plastered

the façade of benevolence

and then deny the evidence

of how they force people into a detritus

state of living, never changing the elements

just perpetuating the condition

so I made a rational decision

by creating a gentle incision.

My intention was to weigh

my chances, “leave the hood” as some would say.

This is why I left the USA.

(feel free to tell me what you think, the ending feels a bit abrupt to me)


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