A slight prediction

So I ended up quitting my job a couple weeks ago and have been running around Warsaw finding ways to earn money.

I’ve recently picked up one job at a school and another company (I worked with them in Dallas) will give me an interview Monday. On top of this, I’ve also applies to a full time position for something completely unrelated to teaching.

This is where the title comes in, I’m feeling fairly confident about this one, hopefully I get an interview (and I always rock those) I want to make a prediction regarding Embracing The Poet-my first book.

I will be moving to a new apartment soon enough, add the money I’m likely going to make from either jobs, I believe Embracing The Poet will be published by late-October!

There will also be a few changes, I think, to the manuscript. I think I should include any poems that I’ve written about my situation dealing with ..let’s say, less than desirable people (the reasons leading to why I had quit my job). If I do this, then Embracing The Poet will likely go to 5 chapters as opposed to the original 4!

Stay tuned for more info later.

P.S. To those who watch the tv series, Luther, OMG DID YOU SEE THE NEWEST ONE?!?! S3E3


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