I’ve made a huge mistake!

A couple hours ago, I decided I’m going to ring in my 26th birthday with a cup or two of coffee and write.


It is now 1:45am and I’m shaking a little. Greatest birthday gift, ever?


For now I shall reflect on the previous year.

Last year, I celebrated my birthday in Zaporozhya, Ukraine, and a couple of students were in my apartment. It was a small party because I was being frugal-I had a trip to London, Frankfurt, Istanbul to make the following week-but it was a great time, regardless. We eventually migrated to the river-beach and danced in the sand with strangers as the Jay-Z song was on (and so I’ve put our hands up, they’re playing my song etc etc)

One year later, and I’m in a completely different city, with a completely different language, culture, history, lifestyle etc etc.

Before I ramble some more, I’m just amazed at how I went from not properly celebrating in 2011 (in Dallas, when I had multiple jobs and reached multiple stages of exhaustion) to last year and now this year. Not only that, but I’ve managed to spend a good portion of this summer unemployed.

Let me clear that up: Unemployed, in a completely different continent than where I spent nearly 25 years of my life in. How did I manage to overcome that kind of adversity??

Perhaps my networking skills are to “blame” perhaps my eternal optimism and my amazing ability to never give up hope, aka persistence. As soon as I conquer August (this will be a true test when rent is due) I’ll come out extremely proud of myself and that much better. 25-26 may very well define my future, exciting!


Enough rambling, back to my notebook. Good night!


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