The Morning After…

So I’ve neglected to blog about it (for those who have me on Facebook (/InkandThink) or Twitter (InkandThink) you may have seen me post about being invited to an Open Mic Night, held last night).

Well, after listening to some Polish-speaking and eventually English-speaking comics, I took the stage.

Was a bit nervous.

I selected two old poems that I performed years ago, The Reclamation and The Code of Conduct (want to see them? Get my upcoming book, Embracing The Poet!!) and I believe I piqued some interests.

The MC loved it, but it’s a little bit hard to tell how the Polish people feel about what I said (assuming they could grasp some of the metaphors). They did seem to like a couple of my lines such as: “This poem..has been on the tip of my tongue [I pretend to spit] and I got tired of the taste” and “bust a lyrical nut inside their eye that way I can cure the blind”.

All-in-all, it was a nice return to the stage, I will have to keep my eyes and ears open for another event and gauge the overall poetry scene of this city.

I want to perform the 28th Amendment at some point; a few other, more recent poems as well.

We’ll see how things go!

In other news, I’m a freelance English teacher now, working for a few different companies and I also “interviewed” with an Englishman who’s has a local online paper. He seems interested in what I can do, I have an idea for a weekly/monthly section of it, as well: something like the chronicles of a foreigner in Warsaw. It’ll be in the style of the classic stories that started in newspapers, i.e., Sherlock Holmes.


P.S. I am currently uploading the video of my performance on!


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