Bread n Butter

No, this isn’t the poem of the same title I’m working on.

Just felt like rambling for a little bit, to get my mind working.

So the past few days I’ve been told that I really have my fingers on the pulse of this city.

I went silent as he said that and thought about it; despite not having a proper job up to that point (except for small private gigs for some spare change), I really managed to explore the place and network my little heart out.

Couchsurfing meetings have been the best way to meet people and to know what is going on around the city, especially on an extreme budget as one I’ve been exercising all summer.

Through couchsurfing meetings, I’ve met people who run different programs such as entrepenuer meetings, Improv-comedy programs (!) and other things to keep me occupied.

Now that summer is over, as the weather wants to tell me (cold and slightly rainy!) and many students are back asking for private lessons, or the companies I freelance for are throwing classes in my direction, I sit down at my new desk working on my Google calendar and about to make some time for writing before Capoeira training.

Busy, busy, busy.

Soon I will no longer be on this Bread n Butter diet (ah! so there’s the title connection!)

Actually I’m not entirely sure what the point of this blog was, blame the coffee???

I have a recording of my performance! Hopefully it works here, otherwise just go to my facebook page ( or click the app on the side of this page.



Decided to upload it on youtube!




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