Papers, Mics, and Fests? Oh my!


A load of new developments have happened since I last posted so I’ll just jump right in.

I submitted a poem to this local e-paper, The Varsovian, and they published it, with me a recording of me reading it! Here is the link to my poem and also have a good listen!

An Ode to Public Transportation

Next, I was invited to some kind of formal business conference (best way I could describe it, it mostly in Polish; I wore a 3 piece suit!) and was networking this way. I received an invitation to a Poetry Festival to inaugurate a Literature Museum in town, as long as I get 8 of my favorite poems translated by Sunday.


So I created an FB event for it:

Poetry Festival VI

Finally, I decided that these events are coming a bit too frequent for me not to post a list of them. So on here and FB I have created a list that’ll be updated accordingly with a mix of poetry readings, slams, and Improv related events I’m participating in; as well as anything else of the InkandThink status.

Where is Daedalus Chaos going to be?

These are exciting times! Phase 3 of my plan is in full swing!


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