Plus One?

I decided to perform this, for the first time, at a recent Poetry slam. I changed some of the words and flow for my audience. Enjoy!


Plus One?

I found something in the mail today,
it came in a fancy envelope, that’s found a way
to make me reflect on life. To say
I wasn’t excited is a lie, however, it
did put me in a conundrum. Allow me to read it:

“Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel blahblah cordially invite
you to yaddayadda…Please RSVP by..” well you get it, right?
“Damn,” I said. I grab my phone and search through the numbers,
got on Facebook to write: “zomg congrats, cuz u ain’t gettin younger,”
Then send a mass text to every woman I knew in the city:
“hey gurl, I know a place u should see,
u think I’m pretty (translation error), come to Dallas with me,
a true statement of American beauty.”

Then, I wait, hoping one or both of them responds.
Back on Facebook, an idea pops up: “Travel with DJ Across the Pond,”
Surely this’ll work, women love competition,
reality shows and The Hunger Games gave me this intuition.
“State your name and post a picture,
also, give 250 words on why you’re
a sure fit. This competition is sponsored by InkandThink.”

“Alright, the hard part’s over, let’s have a drink,”
I said. Later I shall finish, this story isn’t done,
I will continue the tale, My Search for a Plus One


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