Time to Chill Out

I decided to post this essay before it [possibly] gets published on a different site (and I get paid for it!). I won’t keep this up for long!


I was not a fan of Six Flags in Arlington, Texas. Sure, the Looney Tunes mascots were alright and I enjoyed rides like the Tea Cups and the train, but not the other rides. These were the rides that always had lines, they always drew a large crowd from very early in the morning to twenty minutes before closing time.

Every year, we would go and every year, I would find a way to avoid these monstrous rides; I bawled my eyes outs, ate hot dogs too quickly and got sick, purposely woke up and got ready at an alarmingly slow rate, and, my best effort, my knees got stuck in the train ride mentioned before. Of course, my parents caught on to my plans and it was my father who masterminded a devious plan only he was capable of pulling off.

Like any child, I had acquired quite a few toys throughout the years. At one point, I had a good number of comic book action figures, which I combined into my own version of a Justice League, I called them ‘Da Council’. One morning, I woke up to a note that had Batman’s cape taped to it along with some ketchup used to form one simple message: “You will never find your Council. Sincerely, Mr. Freeze”.

Extremely gullible, I explained to my parents that my toys came to life and left evidence. Dad showed me some tickets that had pictures of a Mr. Freeze ride that was brand new to Six Flags, and he would help me fight this villain. I did not question how he already had tickets, I merely yelled that we had to save my Council immediately.

Upon arriving at the theme park, I realized how foolishly I had jumped into this rescue mission. Here I was, a ten year-old who always feared roller coasters, ready to take on the Mr. Freeze. This was not a normal ride, it forced its passengers to go backwards, at speeds only my mom could top in her car. Naturally, I tried to back down. My father, under the guise of playing my sidekick for this mission, urged me forward and I kept thinking how much I hated my toys.

Still, I managed to not scream as much until I realized there were no seats like in the usual coasters, your feet dangles in the air. I tried to remain calm, I tried to act tough for Batman and Knuckles, but when the workers strapped my shoulders in promising there was no bar to hold me down, I had let loose. However in 3.8 seconds, my scream was drowned out as the ride reached 70 mph. We rode through a cold warehouse and climbed up a peak, then the ride fell backwards and my screams were only matched by dad’s evil laughter. At this moment, I realized he worked for Mr. Freeze. This was the last time I would place any value on my toys.


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