Cause and Effect

The years have blurred….

While I continue to be busy

certain issues begin to occur

in frequent rotation.

…You…must excuse my hesitation,

as I stay away from my na-tive land

I’ve discovered that others can’t stand

my extensive leave of absence,

but I had to take action.

They’ve left messages saying:

“D, when’re you gonna stop playin’

around over there? It ain’t fair

how you stayin’

on a long vacation.

What’s your occupation,

again? Well I got a real

job. You should see how everyone feels,

they say you ain’t never gave a damn

while you pretend to attend slams

and recite shit that no one reads.

“But I do, I stopped being lazy because of you,

I no longer question my insecurities, mind’s no longer hazy because of you.

I understand the struggles

that you tussle

with, and can finally relate to you.

So can you please leave Europe be

and return to the free

and enlighten these jealous ple-


Damn, do I really have that kind of impact?

My poems did that?

I often feel that my shit lacks

the necessary ingredients

heeded by the immediate

critics conjured deep within.

I will never again descend

into a state of chagrin

wherein it has been

a cinch to get in this thick skin

and mess with my temperament.

It’s quite evident,

II just need to treat them as excrement

and write my new testament

so I can continue spitting these poems like I got a speech impediment.


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