Another Currently Untitled Poem

I know it took me awhile

trying to figure out

what was worth my while

and what to write about

but now I have my style –

the excess I’ve tossed out –

so my sincerity adds clarity

to these weekly therapy



There’s no need to question

my preferred method of expression

as ideas blend and mix

to discover what sticks

so it can lay a brick on top of a brick

as we build a house.

Just be weary of those who want to kill the route,

so let’s detour to make sure

they can’t feel us out

these days I can’t see why I was filled with doubt.


Now I write to remind

myself of a time

where these various rhymes

were locked deep into the layers of this mind

desperately dying to break free.

They clawed and scratched at my anatomy

mad at me, damaging all mentality

driving me to kick and scream,

punching objects and fucking up my hand

all over a possible blessing I couldn’t understand.


Was it worth it?


I worry that I can’t work it,

I wonder if the ears

would truly hear

as my poems persevere

through the sneer and snide

remarks coming from the cowards who hide

their hearts and at the same time they tried

to take apart my struggles claiming I’ve lied

and deny every step that’s played a part

in the development to the realization

that I lacked the heart. But my revelation

forces their hesitation, giving me an advantage

as I grew to learn to control my savage

impulses and focus that energy into my poetry

so you know this is me, now, without fear

since a conversation I had back a few years,

did you wanna hear?

“Daedalus how do you stay awake?” Asked the engineer,

I put my finger to my chest and said “there’s an engine here.”


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