So Not All My Plans Fail

Usually when it comes to making plans, I’m not really good at them. I suppose this aspect strictly sticks to social plans, because when it comes to writing/performing, everything is going pretty much perfectly.

I can’t recall saying it on here, but after Italy, I stated on Facebook that I might try performing in Vienna, Austria next. I did that and added loads of stages in Germany along with it.

When I returned from that “tour” I said I should move further west next time. Now keep in mind, these were merely me just saying “maybe” or “I should” I wasn’t actively looking for anything specific, I just happened to stumble upon things (for instance I contacted my Italian counterpart and he referred me to these Austrians. Due to me “stalking” a poet in Berlin, I discovered what I’ll mention below).

So with that being said, I am set to fly to Brussels, Belgium to perform in Liege at this 24hr slam poetry event. I hesitated due to it being so “last minute” when I discovered it, but I went ahead and dropped an email and got the go ahead Thursday.

Actually, I think that’s really all I have to say about that, who knows what could come of this! I’m just beyond excited!


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