December Already??

I apologize to those who saw potential in this blog, it’s been increasingly difficult to maintain a regular posting schedule!

After writing the sentence, I decided to not do my usual of making a [huge] list of updates and upcoming projects then disappearing again for months.

Instead I will break these updates up and pretend like I’m an active blogger (which may also help me battle the current spell of writer’s block)!


I’ll cover the most immediate(?) bit of news today, everything InkandThink related:

Expression Session open mic

Firstly, the next open mic will be Wednesday, December 9th and it needs to be celebrated as blazing the trail for the next InkandThink event, mentioned below.

10 successful months of gathering people, encouraging them to step on stage and recite/perform their poems and/or short stories, with the occasional song or three.

Thanks to the love and support for 7-8 months, the open mic has successfully led to the…

Bullet Poetry Slam

So my partner and I have established the first English poetry slam in the middle of Warsaw, Poland, with the very first event debuting back on October 29th to tremendous praises!

Just last Thursday (yes, Thanksgiving!) we had the 2nd event and again, a great showing of poets and enthusiastic audience members alike.

We will close out the year with our 3rd slam on Thursday, December 17th.

Along with the usual 8-10 slammers performing, we’ve made sure to provide the audience with special guests in between each round, whether it were local musician/singers or poets who were just BURNING to step on stage and show something outside of the slam (we even had a woman spit a poem while her partner played the tuba!).

It’s crazy to see this vision I thought about 3¬†years ago (almost as soon as I landed in Warsaw) come to fruition and flourish so far.

The next project will [hopefully] involve improvised music + spoken word combining to be a nice slam for the warm weather.

I’ll be back tomorrow to details related to Daedalus Chaos specifically!


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