It’s Time!

(news and stuff!)

  1. I’m about to get into talks with a Lit agent. I’m finally about to “let go” (no Frozen) and trust someone to touch my work.
    1. On top of that, I’ve been researching for “years” about self-publishing and I think I might split my efforts to, hopefully, cover more ground.
    2. My best bet is to send my nonfiction essays to the agent and self-publish Embracing The Poet and promote it around Warsaw/Europe.
    3. I’ll decide soon enough, but in the mean time I’m editing my manuscripts.
  2. I’ve been busy with hosting and setting up events in Warsaw and [possibly] Krakow to push/motivate other people to get on stage. This has sort of forced me to put my own personal performances in the back seat, aside from 1-2 random events/slams a month. That’s not enough! I will start touring soon, especially to prepare myself for the festival(s) in June. Speaking of…
  3. I am going back to Belgium! I will be performing at the FÊTES DE LA MUSIQUE (et du SLAM) in Charleroi and a couple of days before that, as a guest in the last slam of the season in Liege (where the 24hr slam was last June).
  4. Hopefully, I’ll be accepted in a festival about a week before Charleroi, it’s in Antwerp (North Belgium) lasting about a week!
  5. I also applied to the Glastonbury Festival at the end of June (why is everything happening then? Not July? August???)

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