Untapped 2


I met a girl recently.

She’s the type of girl

I never imagined I’d ever

embrace. I heard about her,

sure, from the occasional whispers over

the years and while her peers always

gained the attention from the

entire world, this girl remained

silent. As she slowly dusted off

her ashen clothes; she watched, learned

and grew as more and more people

became curious about this hidden

beauty. She may not be sun kissed, but

her kisses ignite her sons and daughters

every Spring.


I’ve grown to love this girl.

She has taken me in like her own and

I’ve seen her stand in the darkening sea,

brushing her hair aside to catch

the raindrops on her defiant face. The

strong silence announces her

resistance and yet, even in the

summer when my own crops become dry

she would cry just so I could drink the

tears from her eyes.




Y’all know this girl.

Some may even tried to reject her

potential and yet, it’s her resilience

that helps define each and everyone of

you. After being with this girl for about

3 years, I feel it’s my duty to dedicate this

Poem to you, moja kochana Warszawa.


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