The Fear

Don’t you know? I run this place,

I have begun this race

and I’m the reason it’s become this way.

I remind you of what you don’t have,

I’m the one who gave you your power

and remind you how easily I can take it back.


You love my darkness and hide your heart, it’s

funny the things you do as you grow heartless.

It’s your insecurities that fuel me

and my power’s lasted millennia and some centuries.

I am the American Drea,

the British Nightmare which runs on similar themes

as you Brexit on outta here I laugh at the scene

with Extremists and Neos rising it seems

I don’t need to bother with pulling these strings,

for I’m in the very essence of your being.


I speak every single language on this planet,

and no matter how well you manage

to hide – every haven, rock, or cave can’t blanket

you from my influence.

I’m the reason you want “your” country back,

I make you believe that the scariest colors in the

world are brown and black.


You march in my name chanting: “Polska dla Polakow”

as your relatives get threatened and ran off

the British Isles by similar white smiles.

I’m the one whom your heart accepts.

I’m the one who thrives on the inept,

you know, those who sees everyone’s evil except

for what’s within.


One sip of my turns your will importent,

you shoot up clubs and churches

under my influence

and don’t lock up your own kids,

because they’re way too affluent.

Your inaction gives me traction,

I am always near.

So keep wrapping yourself comfortably

in my blanket and heed my warm gentle

hummings. I’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

Now let us pray,

you know there needs to be one more death in my name.

So as you squeeze, remember who I am.

I am your fears. *BANG*


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