Slammin in Poland

Brief news about the Polish slam scene.


Alternatives…part 2

A quick recap of part 1   Last week I talked about half of my book and it's time to finish up the descriptions.   Flip It - There was an English bookstore at a mall in Warsaw. I used to frequent it, buying a book every 2-4 weeks. I bought a few Neil Gaiman … Continue reading Alternatives…part 2

Spring Cleaning…in January

That's right! I was looking at this blog and decided I needed to change things. A lot of things. I am deleting all short stories, seeing as it's a tad pointless to have them up here for free when I want to publish them in a collection (Alternatives (a collection of shorts)┬ácoming soon!). I might … Continue reading Spring Cleaning…in January

Alternatives Blog…part 1

Brief descriptions of 6 stories in my book!

Before Tomorrow’s Blog…

Before my regularly scheduled program...   I just wanted to say thanks to those new who're following me and to those who have been following me or are re-following my blog. I took a year off due to laziness/business (I'm a walking paradox) and am actually enjoying typing up random things in this "journal" again. … Continue reading Before Tomorrow’s Blog…